You’re never too far!

Pour Out has partnered with Northrup Family Counseling to provide low-cost affordable counseling services to humanitarian workers both in the field or on a home assignment.

Recent research shows that over 70% of missionaries return home prematurely for preventable reasons.*

Preventable reasons! 

And we can do something to help.

Offering counseling where counseling is not available or affordable is crucial for those who are struggling – struggling to adjust to a new culture – struggling with depression – struggling in their marriage.

Christian counselors can offer the support that you need to help you stay in the field longer, walk with you while you heal, or assist as you transition into a new culture or new vocation.

Whether through a secure internet line or in person we are here for you.

Whatever the situation we want to help.

We believe strongly that God’s sheep all need to be tended to and cared for.

And you…. you are God’s sheep.

To learn about our services contact us at

*Neal Pirolo, Emmaeus Road International.