image of a young girl standing at the dumps in Managua Nicaragua. Image courtesy of Forward Edge International.

Going Deeper @ La Villa


Our next trip is only a few weeks away. On April 23rd, PourOut will be in Nicaragua serving the workers at La Villa Esperanza. The work they do at this ministry is so challenging, important and so life-giving for the girls they care for. Sweet girls full of laughter and silliness, but their hardships run deep. All have experienced intensive abuse. Not some. Not just a little. All.

We encourage you to take time to learn a little more about these girls that are given a second chance at living a different life from what they’ve known. WATCH THEIR VIDEO.

These girls are given the opportunity to leave the dumps and stay in homes at La Villa. There are 6-8 girls per house each overseen by a house mother and staff members to care for their emotional and physical needs. This is a challenging job. The effects of abuse don’t disappear when your world outside you changes. It lingers. It stays.

Our passion is to support and equip the workers. Individual time with them, hearing their stories, their hardships. Pouring into them so they have more to give these girls. We are going deeper with them. Group discussions, looking at different cases and challenges they face: trauma, suicide, self-esteem and core-identity issues. During this trip we will be providing a 5 day training, where we’ll educate and listen, love and laugh…  working with the staff to better equip them to care for the girls and care for themselves.


As this is written, we smile just thinking of the girls and the workers. They are not just nameless people to us. We know them, their smiles and their stories. We know their ability to thrive and live despite it all.

While not all are called to go, we are all called to do a part – OUR PART. We ask that you join with us, praying for us leading up to and throughout these dates, that we may bring our trainings, bring our hearts, but most important, that we bring a super natural Jesus that can provide care like we never could.

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