The Power of Connection

We at PourOut™ experience this beautiful cycle that takes us from our homes in California and leads us to new shores allowing us connect with admirable missionaries & humanitarians across the globe.

We go back and forth… and back again.

Right now, we are home, but not for long as we are preparing for another set of trips before the year’s end. In these times, we find ourselves reflecting on what we do as an organization and evaluating our time spent with the workers… asking ourselves:

Where is our greatest impact? What are the threads that tie it all together?

Over the years, as our relationship with La Villa has deepened, trust and transparency has become the bedrock of our relationship. The immediate fruit of this year’s long investment was seen on our most recent trip in April. As is so often the case, God moved powerfully in our hearts, and we were profoundly reminded of the power of authentic human connection. Being seen and being heard are the cornerstones upon which all relationships are formed; and the payoff is being known and being loved. This reminder came unexpectedly towards the end of our time in Nicaragua. We gave the staff an opportunity to give us feedback about what they’ve received. We were pleased to hear very positive and constructive feedback, but the big surprise was to hear the overwhelming expressions of deep gratitude for the one-on-one moments. The times where we were able to be present with them – hearing their stories, seeing their struggles and successes.

Planning for a trip like this can be a challenge sometimes… prayerfully preparing, crafting curriculum, tailoring trainings, and connecting with the organization as much as possible before we go.

Then the day comes and BOOM… we’re off to the airport, and quick to make contact, and quick to get set up, and focused on making the most use of our time, and, and, and. So much heart and effort goes into it… but the moment we stopped to hear the hearts of those we had just been with, the dust settled and we saw. Our minds were alight, flooded with memories — the raw conversations during our team-building sessions with the male staff; the moments of deep connection when we sat with the house mothers and the girls; all of the stories, all of the faces. These moments flashed in our minds, and it was almost as though time stood still in that moment.

It reminds me of the pyramid of champagne glasses that you’d see at a wedding. Tens of them stacked on a table waiting to be filled up. All of them singular vessels, finite. But the moment the server steps up and begins to pour out the champagne, a marvelous miracle happens. It starts at the top; as the first ones are soon filled to overflowing. And the champagne cascades down the sides of the glass pyramid. These once singular and isolated vessels take on a different form. Before they were alone and separate, but now, it seems almost impossible to pick out a single glass. And for a brief moment they all seem alive and together.

We are reminded, once again, of the Power of Connection. The trainings equip the workers, giving them tools to effectively understand and help those they serve… this is true… but it’s the moments – the small moments when we connect with them on a human level – it is in these moments that they get a fresh perspective, feel known, loved, seen, and at least for a while – feel refreshed.

You all know by now, our mantra: Pour Out, so that missionaries and humanitarians can pour in. But far from being marketing spin, what we pray every day and what we strive to accomplish on every trip is that our global partners are authentically and holistically connected. Not just to one another and to the populations they serve — that’s a given; no, we aim to connect them globally. They’re not alone — you aren’t alone. You’re not just an isolated light in a very dark chasm; no, you have a family. A family, who, is deeply invested in supporting you and caring for you.


:: co-writer :: David Leong ::

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