our mission

PourOut is a non-profit organization that exists to support & equip humanitarians across the globe through training, counseling and organizational guidance.


Our hope is that by transforming workers' lives, they would in turn, impact culture and promote health and healing to the people they serve.

our beliefs

We are a Christian organization that believes in the integration of faith & reason as a means to care for and equip workers regardless of race or religion.


We all know there is no shortage of those that need help. Girls that are rescued from trafficking; refugees that are comforted;  victims of civil war needing food and water. The needs are visible and plentiful, but what if we missed one of the most crucial needs of all?

We call this the Unseen Need… the worker.

Think about it, the needs of the others are staring us in the face, but the workers go unnoticed. The tough realities of serving traumatized populations often takes a toll on the most sacred parts of workers’ lives. They often have the faith and passion for the work, but lack the tools and support needed deal with people with trauma.


34% of First Term Missionaries leave the field for preventable reasons
Workers lack structured opportunities to process their encounters
55% of aid workers experience at least one seriously frightening or disturbing incident during the course of their work.
Since 2006, kidnapping of aid workers has increased by 350%


PourOut was founded in 2016, with our roots running deeper.  Our founding team, consisting of therapists and professionals with extensive missions experience,  connected on a trip to India the year prior, as each member felt called to be part of an exploratory trip to learn about the needs of those that were active in rescuing and rehabilitating traumatized people groups. They went equipped with open hearts and a Trauma & Self-Care training for anti-trafficking workers. What they were met with was a far greater need than they could have imagined, a need that many never see. 

As the team returned from India, they were in awe by what God had allowed them to experience. They were given a vision of recurring ripple caused by the impact of a small stone… a ripple who’s effect has yet to be seen.  Several members felt this was the beginning of a movement far greater than they imagined. They saw what was missing – support • training • ongoing care –  and they set out to meet that need.

Since then, the core team has continued to develop, refine, and implement culturally relevant curriculum for trauma, grief, and self-care for trainings in 4 continents. We believe that with proper care and training, workers can avoid burnout and serve the marginalized longer and more effectively. Our research-based trainings aim to provide workers with an understanding of trauma, with techniques to reach their people, and with a place where they can be heard and cared for.


Alisa Medders, LMFT

A driving force for PourOut, Alisa brings passion and a multitude of skills to every aspect of our organization. Previously a school teacher, Alisa combines her experience in curriculum development, with her training in Trauma Resiliency Model to develop custom curriculum for our trauma and grief based trainings. Provides trauma care through private practice out of Pasadena.

Jon Arriaza

A mission-minded master storyteller, Jon takes his experience as an Art Director and a Missionary to strategically develop PourOut as an Organization. His marked creativity and passion for people make his leadership a vital asset to the lifeblood of PourOut.

Graecia Arriaza, LMFT

The gears and cogs of our organization. Graecia’s 10 years of experience in international missions, non-profit program development, and Professor at Fuller Graduate School for psychology come together to make sure we are a well oiled machine. She is certified in Play Strong Therapy and the Community Resiliency Model. She is based in Community Mental Health in Downtown, Los Angeles.

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