We believe that with proper care and training, workers can avoid burnout and serve the marginalized longer and more effectively. Our research-based trainings aim to provide workers with an understanding of trauma, with techniques to reach their people, and with a place where they can be heard and cared for.



We make it a point to learn about your organization and the population you serve. This sets the foundation for customizing our trainings to meet your needs.


PourOut trainings seek to equip and care for the whole person. Teachings, Practical & Interactive Break-Out Sessions, and self-care is a basic breakdown of our training.


Our follow-up is just as important as the training itself. We want to hear how the tools and techniques are working for you and guide you through any troubles or questions.


Often, one-on-one care is necessary to walk through the tough realities of working with traumatized populations. For this reason, PourOut is establishing relationships with licensed therapists who are willing to provide low-cost counseling to humanitarians and missionaries. Thanks to many donors, PourOut is able to subsidize the cost of therapy to make this possible.

Help Us Serve the Underserved Aid Worker

Your generous donations help PourOut support missionaries and humanitarians across the globe and here at home.